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Fully Qualified
for the
2023 Grand Prize Trip:

We currently have
16 Qualified Entries
in the Grand Prize Drawing

Numbers in parenthesis indicate multiple qualifications

Justine Landry - Lincoln RI
Seth Dewey - North Tonawanda NY
Bailey Milleville - Niagara Falls NY
Quinn Patton - Lewiston NY
Kim Gekas - Lancaster NY

Nikki Quigley - Syracuse NY
Ali Dean - Camillus NY
Sean Rake - Lisle  NY
Patrick Mergel  -  Queensbury  NY
Emma Backhaus  -  Waldwick  NJ
Erin Mullady  -  Syracuse NY
Emily Tringali  -  East Amherst NY

Allison Sansone  -  Somerville MA
Nathan Ewell  -  Cambridge MA
Catherine Smith - Boston MA
Brittany Chestnut - Brandon FL

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