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Be a POGger! Log a POG!
*** We DO NOT share or sell your information! ***

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Game Card POG

Wooden POG

Got a Game Piece?
Scan your code to see if you win!

Contact Us , Buy Some Phygits or
Become a Member. 

How Does It All Work?

1. Collect Wooden POGS or Game Card POGs by purchasing POG Packs.
Each POG Pack contains a Phygit Pretzel Necklace & a POG Game Piece .
POG Packs are available online or at festivals & events.
Game Pieces are linked to Instant Win Prizes
or Letters that spell P-H-Y-G-I-T.
(Wooden POGs will be phasing out in May 2024
but will still be scannable & "in play" for the contest)

2. Collect additional FREE Game Pieces by becoming a member of
& commenting on any Facebook or Instagram Post.
You can get up to 2 Free Game Pieces per week
3. Scan your Game Piece to "LOG your POG".
Logging your POG will reveal an Instant Win Prize or a Letter.
Find a Golden POG & qualify for a $3,000 Vacation!!!

Didn't win? No worries! Keep playing!
Collect all the POGs to spell "PHYGIT"
qualify to Win a Vacation!

1 in 50 Phygits contain a "Golden POG"
1 in 25 Phygits contain other Instant Win Prizes.

Phygit = Pretzel Necklace ... Only Better!
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