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Play with your food, then

POG's can be found in Phygit Pretzel Necklace POG Packs.
Get FREE game pieces by Becoming A Member & commenting on
Phygit Foods Facebook or Instagram posts. Winning is easy!

pog opoly board 1.JPG
Frew Poster 2019.JPG

Collect any 10 Wooden POGs & send them to Phygit Foods 
between 1/1/19 and 11/13/22.
This will qualify you for a Grand Prize Drawing
(Every Phygit Pretzel Necklace POG Pack contains a Wooden POG)
Find & redeem a Golden POG between 1/1/19 and 11/13/22
(1 out of every 50 Phygit Pretzel Necklace POG Packs contain a Golden POG)
Collect POG-OPOLY Game pieces by commenting
on Phygit Foods Facebook or Instagram posts.
Find & redeem 4 game pieces that spell "ALEX"
before 11/13/22 & qualify for the Grand Prize Vacation Drawing.

Who is Qualified so far????

Click HERE