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As you might imagine, COVID has taken a toll on our small company. Rest assured...we are fine. BORED... but fine. With festivals, events & trade shows being our primary source of business we have made the difficult decision to "postpone" the 2020 Phygit Grand Prize Trip Giveaway. While we do not yet have a definitive date of when we will be awarding the trip, we want you to rest assured that we are not going anywhere. We remain optimistic that in time, we the human race, will all find a way to defeat COVID and return to the celebrations and events that we all hold so dear. Please remember us for your "more intimate" special events and especially during the holidays. We are still here and always feel privileged to be a part of your world. We appreciate each and every one of you! to  Keep on Phygiting and POG on! We will weather this storm!


Stay Safe! Be well!


At Phygit Foods, we're not phancy schmancy.

We're all about fun food, simple solutions,

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Every POG logged gets a POG-OPOLY game piece.

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