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Chief Phygit Ambassador

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  • Must use standard household 

         toilet paper roll 1.5" core

  • Must use standard Ping Pong Ball (40mm)

  • Set up must be as shown. Nothing on table except toilet paper and 2 dollar bills.

  • Ball must drop from under your chin. No hands.

  • Hands behind your back

  • Ball must bounce on a dollar bill& only on the dollar bills. (no bank shots off anything else)

  • Ball must land in & remain in toilet paper tube.

  • Must be video taped

  • You MUST yell PHYGIT! in the video!

  • You must post video to YOUR social media page & tag Phygit Foods.

  • All eligible videos will be entered to win a $250.00 Visa Gift Card.

  • All eligible videos receive a FREE Phygit 3 Pack

  • 1st winner will be revealed via Facebook Live

            Sunday, April 26th at 7:00PM EST

  • Subsequent Challenges will be announced on Facebook & Instagram.

  • Members of Phygit.net can get a FREE Ping Pong Ball by contacting Phygit Foods

  • Not a Member? Sign up now!


Start collecting POGs

& Game Pieces now for our

NEXT Grand Prize trip! 

The Set Up


At Phygit Foods, we're not phancy schmancy.

We're all about fun food, simple solutions,

and chances to win stuff. Here's how:

1. BUY PHYGITS here or

AT PREMIum eventS

2. Log your Pog


(even a Vacation!)

Log your POG to Win!

1 in 25 Wins Instantly.

 (Gift Cards, VIP Event Passes, Merchandise)

Every POG logged gets a POG-OPOLY game piece.

Collect 10 Wooden POGs & you could Win A Vacation! 

Click Here for more chances to win your vacation!

Thanks for visiting!

Phygit & Pog On!

We are proud to have a team including

people of all abilities and neurodiversities.


Phygit = Pretzel Necklace ... Only Better!

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