SUN N SUDS - Limited Edition POG Pack


This limited edition Sun N Suds Phygit POG Pack IS SOLD OUT

Many POGs have not been redeemed so if you can find one, Grand Prize POGs up are still up for grabs!

Limited Edition Phygit POG Packs offer chances to win gift cards, merchandise, prizes, VIP Passes, even a $5,000 Trip for Two ! Approximately 1 in 20 Pogs wins a prize. Prizes could free merchandise, free event passes, or you could even qulaify for our Grand Prize Trip for Two! POGgers collect & trade limited edition POGs. You could trade your way to a vacation! Check out the Limited Edition POG tab on this web site for more information on how to win. This series is no longer for sale but still has unredeemed "Active" POGs with Grand Prize POGs & other prize POGs still out there somewhere!

Happy Hunting! Good Luck!

May The POGs Be Ever In Your Favor!

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